This page will be a work in progress to help answer questions we frequently encounter.

  • Why do you only place your puppies with pet registration?  I just want to breed once.
    We want our babies to be put in forever pet homes.  Breeding the tiny breeds can be a challenge, alot of work, expense, and tears even for experienced breeders.  We also believe very strongly that breeding is not just putting a male and female together.  It is matching traits and pedigree in an effort to produce offspring even better than the parents.  Our fur kids come from top breeders such as Empress, Tiny Tot, Teacon, and Sleepy Hollow, also breeders that breed for quality, not just throw a male and female together.
  • I am looking for a puppy that is 8 weeks old.  Why are yours so much older?
    We do NOT place our babies in their forever home just because they are 8 weeks old.  Most tiny breed puppies are not ready to leave at that stage nor have we had time to work with them.  Our babies are typically 10 to 16 weeks before they are ready to go.  It is not unusual for us to have puppies available at 18 weeks or even older.  This does not mean that they are ‘unwanted’ or substandard.  This means we have had more time to work with them, making their transition to you easier.
  • What dog food do you recommend?
    We highly recommend Diamond Brand Naturals Small Breed Puppy food, chicken and rice.  We also like to mix either rice or cottage cheese or boiled chicken, even green beans in for variety for our puppies.
  • Would you consider selling one of your babies with full registration?
    We would ONLY sell a puppy with full registration if they were considered the best of the best, something we would keep ourselves, and ONLY with a strong contract in place and with an experienced breeder with whom we have an established relationship.
  • What about deposits?  Will you hold a puppy for me without a deposit?
    We are sorry but we are unable to hold a puppy for someone without a deposit.  We have had too many people change their mind at the last minute and we do not feel that is in the best interest of the puppy.  We ask for $250 holding fee (deposit) on the puppy selected, via Paypal.  These deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another puppy should the one selected not mature as desired.  We feel very strongly that personalities are what make a good match.