Adoption Details

Tomorrow Shih Tzu want your upcoming fur kid adoption to be a pleasant experience.  We typically keep our puppies to 10 to 14 weeks, at a minimum, to ensure a smooth transition to their forever homes. We do beginning puppy pad training, beginning crate training, indoor manner training, and do at least 2 rounds of vaccinations to further ensure your new baby’s health.

If you are interested in one of our babies, whether available or upcoming, we ask that you email us and tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for in a new fur family member.  This gives us a better idea of exactly what you are looking for.  We feel that personality is the MOST important feature, that puppy personality must match with family lifestyle.

We price our puppies as we evaluate them, usually around 6 weeks of age.  We do reserve the right to change pricing on any puppy prior to holding fee being placed.  Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a puppy for someone without a deposit being placed.

$1000 to $1,500 — Pet Registration  We prefer to place our babies in pet homes where they will be adored forever.  Boys are $1000 to $1250 and girls are $1250 to $1500.

$2,500 to $3,500 — Full Registration We will only consider the puppies that are the epitome of what we believe a quality shih tzu should be for full registration.  These puppies will have looks, quality, personality, and then some.  Most litters will not have this quality of puppy and only the exceptional of the exceptional will be considered being placed with full registration and only on a strict contract to breeders in which we have a good working relationship. Please note that most of our pets are under contract to not be sold with full registration or we must be given approval to make this exception.

We do ask for a $250 holding fee (deposit) to place a puppy on hold.  Deposits are transferable to another puppy but are non-refundable.  We prefer Paypal for deposits.

Visitation:  We are sometimes asked by prospective parents to come visit our babies.  For the safety of our home and our fur kids, we do not allow visitors.  We have also been advised by our vet to not allow visitors.  Young puppies are highly susceptible to disease such as parvo or canine flu.  We take great care not to expose them to anything and hope you understand.

We are available to answer any questions by phone 970-805-0504 or email