Shih Tzu Poem

A wonderful poem copied from another Shih Tzu lover:

Why a Shih Tzu?
They come when you call them,
Except when they don’t,
They’ll sit by your side,
Except when they won’t.
They’re snugglebum buddies
All warm in your bed,
And sometimes their snoring
Could waken the dead.
They know what they want
And don’t mean to be rude,
But “get out of my way”
comes with their attitude.
Yet they’re lovers and lickers
And playful, sweet clowns,
And swiftly they challenge
The deepest of frowns.
They love to play games;
They’re clever and smart.
They know what to do
To get hold of your heart.
Our dogs are delightful
From their floppy ears,
To the curl of their tails over their fat little rears.
They’re stubborn and willful,
Yet sensitive, too,
And I can’t live without one.
Now tell me, can you?